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Blossom on Purpose


Blossom on Purpose is designed to support and enrich the lives of women and their daughters. The mission of Blossom is to empower, and encourage mothers so that they can be the best parent possible. We also impact the lives of their daughters by mentoring and developing life skills! We are colorblind, so we invite women of ALL races and backgrounds to become proactive with our efforts. Throughout the year we host conferences, attend events, assists at homeless shelters, have holiday campaigns to assist families that are in need, etc.


Blossom’s programming and events offer something of value for every member. Given the diversity of our membership, it’s easy to understand why we always welcome new members and new ideas! Whether your current interests are board membership or career advancement, whether you prefer large events or intimate discussions, whether you want to meet others in your field or outside, you will find the opportunities that you seek…and more.