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Hoop Dreams


Hoop Dreams Athletics is one of the various programs of In Time of Need, Inc. so all donations are tax deductible. Many of the girls that participate in our program come from families that are economically disadvantaged. Through our website, we hope you will invest into youth girls basketball to help make their dreams a reality; we are offering an opportunity for individuals and/or businesses such as yours to help lower the cost for these dedicated players to participate in the Hoop Dreams Athletics to help turn dreams into reality by creating sponsorship opportunities.

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Research shows that teens that participate in athletic activities are less likely to participate in high risk delinquent behaviors, such as gang membership, teen crimes, and premature sexual activity-teen pregnancy. Hoop Dreams began 16 years ago with continuous success annually. Our goal is to develop the skills of every participant in the program. We desire that each young man or woman receives a full scholarship from a Div. I or Div. II university. We pledge to provide that each student athlete receives the best instruction possible. We have the respect from colleges/universities in the ACC, Big East, SEC, Atlantic 10, Pac 10, and many other conferences. We believe in helping the student athlete, not having the student athlete help us. We recruit talented youth whom inspire to play at the collegiate level. The level of talent throughout our program enables us to participate competitively at major exposure events attended by NCAA coaches.

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Research shows that teens that participate in athletic activities are less likely to participate in high risk, delinquent behaviors, such as: gang membership, teen crimes, drug abuse, and premature sexual activity-teen pregnancy. We have been very successful at helping the at-risk athlete become the STUDENT ATHLETE. Once youth have the opportunity to attend a 4 year institution they are no longer at-risk, because they now have the same opportunity as peers from other more affluent communities and backgrounds.

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