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New Horizons


New Horizons supports the disconnected student in education. Its purpose is basically to improve the quality of life for communities across the United States. New Horizons bridges the gap between the student and post-secondary education, by offering FREE exceptional programs to assist the disadvantaged student to excel academically. We endeavor to promote post secondary educational services by making opportunities available to the families of at-risk youth that they might not otherwise have access to.


The average minority youth views athletics as a positive way to occupy their time, stay off the streets, and as a way out. Most minority families are economically disadvantaged so they cannot afford to pay for their child to attend college. Pell Grant or the Hope Scholarship, does not cover the cost of tuition, room and board, books, clothing, and other cost of attending college. High percentages of at-risk/disadvantaged youth have not been exposed to campuses campuses, and many of these youth live in walking distance from a university. Minority youth scores on the SAT are well below average and steadily decreasing. This is because we focus so much on the individual athlete NOT the STUDENT! Emphasis will be placed on targeting at-risk/disadvantaged youth as well as economically disadvantaged families. Additional collaboration with local agencies and organizations will provide for a wider variety of services and programs to be offered to student participants and their families.

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