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We are currently seeking businesses, as well as individuals to join our PARTNERS 1000 initiative. With the holiday season(s) approaching fast, we understand that there is a HUGE need for assistance in many households in our area(s).  Become a community partner and help us to continue to make a difference. There are more non-profits than what you see on Television, and many that will do MUCH more than those other agencies. We are asking businesses and individuals to contribute towards our community efforts. But here is the interesting part, we don’t just want you to give! We want you and a friend to volunteer and see what you can do to help out in the community.

Partners 1000 is an innovative way to get local businesses involved. We are seeking 1000 companies thoughout the greater Atlanta area(s) to donate $1200 a year. Not a large amount to get involved at all. We are not trying to break anyone, we are simply seeking your partnership so that we can continue to help those that are in need.

By becoming a member of Partners 1000, you will become a part of the In Time of Need family.  Each partner will be listed as a contributor in our sponsorship booklet at our end of the year “Dinner With Friends”. Of course you are invited to attend! The partnership donations go towards the day to day operations as well as our many events and activities. This is giving made easy!


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